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Alweyns are immortal supernatural beings. They look like humans but have pointy ears of various shapes. They have specific character traits that distinguish them from mortals, but at the same time, they have human weaknesses as well. In front of mortals, they try to pretend they are perfect, but in fact they are not.

The purpose of alweyns is unclear, even to them. It can be the cause of many arguments and fights. The generally accepted fact among alweyns is that alweyns are GOOD. Most alweyns believe that their purpose is to guard the world and kill evil people. However, there are also those who claim that they should merely observe the mortal world and not interfere.
The fundamental definition of an alweyn (among alweyns) is that “alweyns always do what they believe is right”. So they define themselves as GOOD. However, mortals don’t usually see them positively. They fear them and most legends about alweyns talk about alweyns killing mortals. (Although there are also a few legends talking about an alweyn falling in love with a mortal.)

Each alweyn possesses a distinctive special ability or two. Those can be various things, often useful in combat, but it’s not a rule.

Alweyns have the ability to appear in a place of their choice. While they are not in the mortal world, they dwell in their own dimension, which is just endless dark void. (Occasionally, there can be found permanent places, such as the court or Fraia’s library.)

It is possible for them to experience death. If their body is destroyed, it disappears and appears back in the void. Nonetheless, it is not possible to kill them permanently.

Alweyn. The word I can’t avoid when somebody asks me about my story. But it takes eternity to explain what an alweyn is. So I’m bringing you this post and next time I will not have to spend 30 minutes explaining alweyns.
I could write much more but then it would be too long and complicated. So I’m just giving you the basics.

Examples of characters that are alweyns: Draien, Tias, Fraia, Fiisia

(Please tell me if you find any typos or grammatical mistakes.)

Potřebuje někdo překlad do češtiny? :”D Příběh je česky, ale chtěla jsem, aby si to mohli přečíst všichni.

Miutari Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Skoro bych řekla, že překlad potřebuju, ale... :D Ne, nakonec na to m asi nejsem tak špatně...:giggle:
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Já to můžu zkusit přeložit, ale teď na to nemám čas. Spíš až o víkendu.
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Ale já to pochopila, dokonce mě překvapilo, že jsem tomu rozumněla...:D :D (kvůli mě to rozhodně nepřekládej :D)
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December 7, 2014